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Flowers are important in our daily lives, for they brighten the room and melt away our stress. They also allow us to enjoy every occasion, event, and any other celebration. However, it is a sad true reality that flowers don’t last forever, that is why we have guidelines and tips on how to prolong your flowers’ lifespan.

Guide and Tips to care flowers:

Cut the Stems
When the flowers you ordered arrive at home, you need to first cut the bottom of the stem one to two inches from bottom at an angle. This makes the flowers absorb the water better when putting them in the vase. After the initial cut, be sure to re-trim once every few days to expose fresh tissue that absorbs more water.
Remove the Insects and Dead Parts
Remove the dead petals and wilting leaves and stems to prevent bacterial growth. Check flowers from time to time to avoid bacterial rot, which will cause damages to other flower parts. Also, look carefully if there’s a dead part in your flowers or plants. The dead part makes it hard to absorb the water, which will damage your flowers or plants and eventually can cause them to die. Separate the dead parts immediately the healthy flowers to prevent the circulation of the rottenness. Also, put a physical barrier between plants and insects, some insects may be good for plants while some are not. Anyhow, it is still important to take a look at your flowers and keep them away from harmful insects.
Change and Replenish Water Frequently
Flowers are alive just like humans. Flowers need a lot of water to make them strong so they will last longer. Put the right amount of water in the vase so stems will just stand upright, because an excessive amount of water in the vase will only destroy the flower as it causes flowers to submerge. You can also add some sugar in the vase which functions as food for your flowers and therefore helps them be nourished. Make sure you change the water in your vase every now and then to help your flowers stay fresh.
Don’t Keep the Flowers In Sunlight For A Long Time
Cut flowers are opposite to potted plants. Flowers will last longer in a cool area, for a cold temperature helps the flowers to stay hydrated. Also, avoid putting your flowers in areas near windows, and any electrical appliances. It may cause direct dehydration of your flowers. However, that does not mean that you have to deprive your flowers from the sunlight all together. You may put them in sunlight for a short time. Sunlight is still healthy for them.
Do Not Put Cold Water in Flower Vase
Cold temperature is better for flowers but that does not necessarily mean that flowers love cold water. On the contrary, cold water will only damage the air socket of flowers, because cold water freezes the air socket. As a result, it will be hard for flowers to absorb the water. Add a little bit of warm water so your flowers won’t die too soon.